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Unleash your potential

Hear from Executives & Experts in the Fraud, Cyber, and Financial Crimes Ecosystem, at your convenience

+About Us

Mpower Your Career is Mission Driven

The mission of Mpower Your Career is to assist the globe in maintaining trust in critical infrastructure by accelerating the growth of fraud, cyber, and financial crimes professionals and ensuring them access to their next opportunity.

If you are considering or already started a career managing Fraud, Cyber Security, or Financial Crimes then we are here to help.

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Interview Series

Mpower interviews industry executives & experts to bring you career insights to your favorite device at a time that is convenient to you

+ Our Programming

The Threat Mpact

The Threat Mpact Series is here to help with industry experts that will bring you insights about relevant topics impacting the ecosystem now and in the future.

Hiring Highlights

Ready to take the next step in your journey and find a new job in this field, we'll be adding programming very soon to help guide you


Interview Series

Interview Series
Interview Series

Click below to see the full vault of the Interview Series

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